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Okay WHAT WAS THAT? Was everyone else shocked that it ended the way it ended? That after all these 5 years of staying tuned into Amy’s life, that it ended like this?

LAST EPISODE IS TONIGHT ! And for all my east coast followers, I hope you were very happy wtih the outcome!

only one or two episodes left till the last episode. Will Amy pick Ricky? Or Ben? Let me know your thoughts!

dontwaitohate asked: are you for bamy because i am and like im not really sure if itll happen but why would they make him want her for so long like okay bye you have no idea how hard it is to ship a couple that isnt shipped a lot THIS NEVER HAPPENS I ALWAYS SHIP THE COUPLE THAT EVERYONE WANTS AND THEY ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER UGH FLML ok bye the struggle

No I am for RAMY! I think it’s just to add “flavor” to the show. To be honest I think RAMY should happen because 1) THEY HAVE A CHILD TOGETHER 2) if BAMY does happen, it would be suuper awkward when they all graduate and have to still see each other because of their son and custody and what not and 3) throughout the season, I felt as if the show and producers WANTED you to watn RAMY to happen, and you just kind of KNEW that it would yknow? And then they DID make it happen and now they’re just gonna TEAR it apart and make BAMY happen? and 4) BEN HACKS HER. I mean, if Amy finds out she’d feel violated and might be turned off in the end. 

Thank you for giving me yo feelings tho much appreciated!!

Who is watched Secret life right now?!


I don’t know about you, but I’m glad they put off Secret Life’s last season till this spring. I would of died if they had started it in January.